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Golf Cart Isla Mujeres | Rentals | Whale Shark Tour

Golf Cart Isla Mujeres | Rentals | Whale Shark Tour

Golf Cart Rental in Isla Mujeres Mexico, you will be able to reserve & pay online to continue to earn your credit card reward points and guarantee your golf cart. We offer pick-up at Ultramar ferry in Isla Mujeres or delivery of your golf cart to your hotel or vacation rental.

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10 Things to do in Isla Mujeres Mexico


Visit the Mayan temple of Ixchel, an ancient temple dedicated to the goddess of fertility and medicine.

Explore Garrafon Natural Reef Park, a nature reserve with snorkeling and swimming opportunities.

Take a boat tour to see the famous MUSA underwater sculpture garden.

Visit Punta Sur, the southernmost point of the island, for panoramic views and a lighthouse.

Relax on the beautiful beaches of Playa Norte or Playa Delfines.

Explore the island on a golf cart or scooter.

Visit the Tortugranja, a turtle farm where you can learn about sea turtle conservation efforts.

Take a snorkeling or whale shark excursion to see the colorful coral reefs and marine life.

Visit the El Garrafon cultural center, which offers a glimpse into the island's history and culture.

Take a sunset sail or catamaran tour to see the island from the water.


Sometimes the very best adventures are the ones we create for ourselves in a Golf Cart! On Isla Mujeres, Golf carts are a top form of transportation around this small Caribbean island, and visitors can easily rent them out to explore the culture, cuisine, and beauty packed beaches with a gorgeous cliff coastline.



Before you leave for Isla Mujeres, you can book your Golf Cart online with . Good Mexican offers hourly, daily, and 24 hour, and weekly rates to explore the island with flexibility and less stress to accommodate all your needs. To rent a golf cart on Isla Mujeres, all you need is a valid driver’s license. Good Mexican will give you a form to fill out; they’ll hold on to your license as a deposit and the form will serve as your “Isla license” for the day. After your express check-in, you'll be able to get in your golf cart to check out the Caribbean Sea views or grab a drink at one of the island’s beach bars.


While top Isla Mujeres locations like North Beach and Avenida Hidalgo are easily walkable from the ferry, a Good Mexican Golf Cart allows you to experience lesser-known but equally enchanting locales. The west coast of the island faces out toward the mainland, with Cancun’s resort skyline visible on the horizon above the cyan-and-turquoise stripes of the ocean. The calmer western road of Isla Mujeres first passes some restaurants and small hotels & vacation rentals before entering the central town, where most of the island locals live. Ride by the town’s colorful houses, roadside coconut stands, and beer shops before reaching a roundabout, where you can veer right to discover a hidden treasure: the west coast road between the lagoon and the ocean. This quiet road is lined in some of the most beautiful vacation homes on Isla Mujeres, as well as a few nice hotels and restaurants, and the famous turtle farm. If you’re in the mood for a break or some lunch, stop at Marbella Fish Market & Raw Bar, an oceanfront restaurant where you can get sucked in and hang out on the white sand beach, or just have a quick drink then keep exploring – it doesn’t much matter because you’re on “island time”. Once the road ends, turn back and drive back up the road, then take the right-hand road when you reach the roundabout.




Just past the lookout point is the entrance to Punta Sur (South Point), a park at the very southern tip of the island, surrounded by cliffs and dangerously beautiful turquoise water on three sides. A small booth at the entrance requires $100 pesos per person for access. Get your bracelets and enter the park, then spend some time taking pictures from atop the cliffs and around Templo Ixchel, a real Maya temple at the edge of the park. Punta Sur is also the easternmost point in Mexico, and on each New Year’s Eve, it’s a popular place for people to gather and be the first to see the first sunrise of the new year.


The east coast feels like a different island from the rest of Isla Mujeres, with vacation homes to one side and small cliffs on the other. The crashing waves and rocks are a sight not often seen in Southeastern Mexico. As you drive north along this side of the island, you might pass a row of stands selling big sea shells and hand crafted local jewelry which makes it a good reason to stop and shop . A little further north, you’ll come across the red path of a coastal walkway, complete with benches for resting and idyllic spots for photos. To finish your island golf cart adventure, just continue north, back through the central town then into the main downtown area.



Most golf cart rentals on Isla Mujeres charge pesos for service, but Good Mexican Golf Cart Rentals allows you to make reservations online ahead of your travels and pay with your credit card to continue to earn your reward points. So no pesos needed on site and they also offer pick up at Ultramar ferry or delivery of golf cart to your place of stay. All you need is your driver’s license for deposit and you'll get it back once your golf cart rental ends.

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